Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Energy Efficient and Environment Friendly Windows

Replacing windows in your house deserves a lot more consideration than cost alone.

When it comes to windows, individuals have a lot of options, like wood, metal and UPVC. Amongst these, UPVC windows is the most preferred selection for most house owners.

APS Windows  can replace your windows with energy efficient frames and glazing can save you money.

Correctly selected and installed, they will help to minimise your heating costs. As members of the PLANITHERM INSTALLER NETWORK, we supply Planitherm glass - a new generation of energy saving window glass that uses advanced coatings to retain more internal warmth whilst capturing free energy from natural daylight. That means lower energy bills compared to standard windows.

For details of how Planitherm glass can help you reduce your heating bills contact APS Window Comapny on 01494 814 139